NEW Italian Style Chilli Sausage!

downloadI am thrilled to announce that the talented team of butchers at The Lambing Shed in Knutsford have made my dream sausage a reality! For years I have been making a blissfully easy Rick Stein recipe “Fennel sausages braised with lemony potatoes and bay leaves” but as is so often the case (me being me!) I just thought it needed a little chilli heat, so I always add a little purple haze chilli to the dish. It got me thinking what a wonderful combination garlic, fennel, lemon and purple haze chilli would be to make a spicy sausage.

I have made a special sausage seasoning paste for the the lambing shed, and Steve the butcher has carefully balanced this with the pork to produce a totally delicious sausage! I make the paste using fresh garlic, purple haze chillies, and lemons, the spices are all freshly ground, and you can buy the sausage from today! A big thank you to Kathryn for being so open minded and willing to take on the project.

DSC_0329I will definitely now be using this sausage in the afore mentioned Rick Stein recipe; But also cooked on a barbecue and severed with some roasted peppers, courgettes and aubergines, and a dollop of Salas verde. I think they would make a refreshing and delicious alternative to a burger, just grill the sausage slice up and serve in a bun with lots of salad, and if you want a little extra heat a dash or two of my Tompeeper sauce 😉 also available in store at the Lambing shed.

One of the first things I am going to try when I get my hands on some is to serve them with a zesty salad of shaved fennel and lots of herbs. I have already posted a recipe here for an “Italian Sausage and Lentil Stew” – although I am not making my fresh tomato sauce that I mention in the recipe at present, I have posted a recipe for “Roasted Tomato & Chilli Sauce with Purple Haze Chillies” which is ideal to use now we are at the hight of the english tomato season. Just cut back on the garlic a little and leave out the chilli if you don’t want anymore heat.


I will post more recipes when I have had time to experiment but please let me know if you do something different with them and I will happily share your recipes here.


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